10 Best Astrology Websites To Check Horoscope Online

Astrology and the art of predicting your future holds a lot of importance in today’s world of turmoil and tension. To that end we are always seeking information and help in this regard in the online world. To help you narrow your search in this regard we have culled some of the sites and reviewed them.


Our criteria have been based on the most accurate predictions and advice given with regard to astrology as well as the best performing astrologers.

Jonathan Cainer of Jonathan Cainer’s Zodiac Forecasts: We can say he is one of the best and why is that. First of all he does make accurate predictions and he has been consistently writing horoscopes of good quality and also the quality of his writing is exceptional. The website stands out due to the regularly updated content. Plus the predictions and forecasts are not repeated and are in sync with the need of today in the astrological sense. Jonathan Cainer also stands out due to his honesty in sometimes admitting he does not know something when he doesn’t.  He also stands out with regard to his sensitivity and compassion when it comes down to putting forth his views on tough situations.

Rob Brezny of Free Will Astrology of Free Will Astrology: Again ranking among the top astrologers, his forecasts and horoscopes stand out. His predictions that are spoken out by him are also bang on target. He seems to possess a very deep insight into the human mind and this provides him with an additional advantage in the world of astrology. The site and easy to navigate and offers a lot of original and readable content. He has built up a name even among other astrologers.

Susyn Blair-Hunt of Kajama: This site is one such site where you will find it comfortable to spend the entire day reading or even when you pop in for a brief read on a daily basis. This site focuses on spiritual aspects and the thought for the day along with the expanded meaning of it is simply great. You can also read the daily horoscope that is provided by Susyn Blai-Hunt, which is also one of the best. You can read the weekly forecast for each week at the start of the week as well as birthday and Zodiac horoscopes.

Liz Greene at Astrodienst: To read the horoscopes here you need to sign up, but you will find that it is worth the effort. Providing details on your birth time will give a great reading too. They also have great relationship and love based astrology which is quite good. The psychological horoscope along with the Liz Greene horoscopes for love, relationships and careers are highly recommended.

AstroCenter: This one is good for providing a personal and specific astrology forecast along with your horoscope. You need to fill in the place, time and date of birth to get a daily horoscope for your sign. You get many other details like ascendant sign and other things to predict your future. You can also get a monthly or weekly forecast. The horoscopes are presented in a very nice manner.

Terry Nazon: The website to begin with is great to look at and offers easy navigation. This apart from the superb predictions. You can get the prediction for this year, your predictions with regard to finances as well as more in-depth readings. There are a lot of aspects that are covered here and you will enjoy exploring all the options here at hthis site.

Michael Lutin: He is considered one of the most unusual in his field and is known for his good horoscopes. The site has sections like the Daily fix and also something called a Long Term Dish. This alone will give you an insight into what we mean when we say Michael Lutin is unusual. One of the things that is well liked is the prose he delivers in terms of forecasts. This section showcases his understanding of how people’s mind works. He explores your psyche to deliver information on relationships, money, work and more.

Daniel “Whelland” Dowd: What makes him stand out from the others of this realm is how much he uses his own self into making weekly and daily predictions. As you read what he has written you see how much deeper he takes you into things as well as inferences to Moondogs and Geeshka. The words pour out and simply astound you with the amount of insights offered. He also uses his gift where he will give you a small and special forecast for your sign and get you in touch with the message that the universe is giving you.

Mystic Stars: Apart from weekly predictions, this site also offers two detailed and special weekly readings on a weekly basis. You get aspects of romance and things like daily luck covered in this.

Astral Aspects: This one has forecasts that have never been heard of before. The sunsign horoscopes come on a weekly basis and also the position of planets are shown. Apart from this each zodiac sign also gets Rune Stone readings, Tarot readings, Wicca card readings, Life scope based on numerology and Ogham stone readings. You can go through each one as it is arranged neatly.

We would also like to mention the following astrologers/ astrology sites honorably

Planet Waves by Eric Francis Since this site did not make the top ten list, we would like to mention it here. Eric happens to be a favorite as far as astrologers on the web are concerned. He is known for the quality of his predictions, his writings and his efforts to improve the world. We could not properly rate him due to the lack of free horoscopes on the site. But he needs to be mentioned here in this list.

Waves by Eric Francis:  With good predictions for daily, weekly and monthly basis this one does stand out. Visitors to this site have plenty of choice and can choose what they need.

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