How to Fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error

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How to Fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error: Instagram is one of the most trending social media application. Every day, there are around 400 million active users on Instagram. For many years, Instagram has provided a smooth experience for millions of users. However, every application suffers from few glitches from time to time. Earlier we have talked about Instagram Checkpoint Error, and Instagram unable to Load Images Error. Now we are going to build our focus on one such error, that is, Instagram invalid Parameters Error.

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When users try to login to Instagram using two-step verification, they get an error Invalid Parameters. Also, when they try to send feedback to Instagram about this issue, they are getting the same error: Invalid Parameters. This is very annoying as you are not even able to access your account. So we will try to implement few methods to fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error.

Fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error


In this section, you will be getting step by step methods to fix this error. Follow along and go through the steps carefully.


If you are trying to login to Instagram using your phone number, then try using your username or email Id (preferably username) to Login. This may sound senseless but this has actually worked for many users across the world. So, implement this method and let us know of how this method worked for you. If this method did not work for you, try the next method given below.


If you have linked your Instagram account to Facebook, then try login to Instagram using Facebook. This has also worked for a significant number of users. Try this method and let us know how this method worked for you.

So these were the couple of methods to fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error. Hope you liked this article on How to Fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error. If you have any concerns regarding this, feel free to reach out to us via comments. Also if you get to know any other methods to fix this error, kindly share that with us so that it can help others as well.

13 thoughts on “How to Fix Instagram Invalid Parameters Error

  1. Hope

    I use my username to log on and it doesn’t work and my Facebook account is linked to another Instagram account. Still says invalid parameters. What can I do?

    1. Appu Post author

      Please make sure you are entering correct username and password. There is no chance of getting this error if you are using correct username and password.

  2. Carolyn Sbragia

    Hello – Instagram is requesting a security code to get into my acct and i am not receiving the email (AOL) I signed up with. AOL cant help as i tried that. This was prompted since I had a new device. My instagram is not connected to Facebook. I know my user name and password but can’t get past the security code. I’ve sent Instagram a request thru the app and have no response. Any help is appreciated!

  3. Alex Zin

    Hello sir. I am unable to get back into my account because I don’t get the 6 digit security code. My e-mail is properly linked to my account because I am able to reset my password and get update emails from Instagram. I just do not get the 6 digit verification code and so I cannot get into my account. I tried to submit the “hacked account form” on Instagram and submit my request, but the error “invalid parameters” pops up. I tried the 2 method you have said, but it did not work. What should I do? Please help me. Thank you.

  4. Tom

    I’m having the same issues as most people here. Requested to enter my 6 digit verification yet no email is being sent, yes I’ve checked my spam/junk, added the address as a safe sender, the lot. No email anywhere. It’s been 3 days now. Appears this issue has been around for a few years and Instagram won’t resolve it.


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