How to fix Windows Error 0xc000021a

How to fix Windows Error 0xc000021a: Billions of people across the globe are trusting Windows operating system for years. The kind of customer support and graphical user interface Windows provides is worth applauding. Microsoft backed Windows operating system usually provides a decent performance for its end users. However, Windows, like any other software is not completely error proof. You may or may not accept, but errors are inevitable. No matter how good a software is, it can never be completely free from errors and Windows is no different.

A significant number of users often report different issues that they face while using Windows. We have talked about a number of such Windows-specific error such as The remote Procedure call failed error, Windows Update Error 0x80070652, Application Error 0xc0000142 and many more. Dealing with Windows-specific issues is not something that is new to us. We have dealt with countless such issues in past. This time, we are here, to get rid of one such error, that is, Windows Error 0xc000021a.

A number of users reported that when they tried to boot the Windows after an update, they got an error code 0xc000021a with an error message saying:

Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. 

If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error. 0xc000021a.

After this error message, the Windows restarts itself but again throws this error and you find yourself into a vicious circle of error 0xc000021a. But now we are here to rescue. We will provide you with a number of methods to get rid of the 0xc000021a error code. So keep calm, have patience, follow along and by the end of this article, you will be good to go to use your PC normally. Now let us not waste any time further and jump directly to the methods to fix Windows error code 0xc000021a.


In this section, we will be giving you a number of methods to get rid of this annoying error code. You can opt for any method as per your convenience.


This method is as easy as you like. Windows comes up with a built-in command called sfc which stands for System File Checker. This command basically scans your entire PC for system files and dll files and if it finds any of the files suspicious or faulty, it replaces them with the correct and latest one.

We have developed an easy to use step by step guide to using this command. So check out this super cool and easy method to get rid of error code 0xc000021a. Please note that this method usually fixes a lot of Windows-specific errors (including 0xc000021a) but this is not the actual method to fix this error. If this method is not able to fix 0xc000021a, try out the next actual methods to get rid of this error. But we strongly recommend trying sfc scannow method because it is most likely going to resolve this issue.

How to use sfc scannow Command to fix Error Code 0xc000021a

Follow these steps carefully to fix this error. However, if the error still persists, try to implement the next methods.



This is the second method that can fix Windows error 0xc000021a. Simply follow the steps given below to boot the windows normally:

  • Restart your Windows by holding the Shift key and then clicking on Restart button simultaneously.


  • Now choose Troubleshoot option.


  • Then select Advanced options.


  • Now click on Startup settings.


  • Here, we will be disabling driver signature enforcement. To do this, press F7 as it is labelled as Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. If it is labelled as another number on your system, then press the corresponding function key.


  • Now the system will restart. Wait for it and once it is up, check if the error still persists.



Windows operating system comes up with a built-in command to restore the health of your system. So just follow the simple steps given below to restore your system health.

  • Open the command prompt as an administrator. To do so, search for cmd and right click on it and choose to Run as Administrator. 
  • Now type the following command in cmd: dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth
  • Then press Enter key.
  • This will take some time to restore the health. Once done, check if the error code 0xc000021a still persists.


So these were the few methods to get rid of Windows error code 0xc000021a. Hope you liked this article on How to fix Windows Error code 0xc000021a. In case of any issues or concerns regarding the methods given above, feel free to reach out to us via comments of Contact us page. We are always happy to help. Thanks.

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