Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working: Samsung is one of the most reliable Smartphone manufacturers. Samsung has outsmarted a number of firms on its own. If you want a reliable long lasting smartphone with good services, then just blindly go for Samsung. It has always offered a wide range of smartphones. One of the premium phones offered by Samsung is Galaxy Note 8.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been equipped with hi-tech features. A wonderful design accompanied by the extraordinary camera and other high-quality features makes the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is receiving very good reviews from the public. However, some of the users have reported facing some issues while using its Fingerprint Scanner. They said that they are unable to unlock their phones using the fingerprint. So we decided to write an article to fix Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner not working issue.

Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner not Working


Before getting into the actual method to fix this issue, make sure you go through the following points. The points mentioned below can also fix the issue of Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner not Working.

  • The scanner on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is located at the back of the phone. Most of the times the problem may be because of its physical location which is beside the camera on the back. So try placing your finger in the correct place to get the correct results.
  • If you are using a case for your phone, its depth can make it difficult to place the fingers at the correct position. So try removing the case and then unlocking the phone with your fingerprints.
  • Take a soft cloth and clean the scanner gently. Some dust can also make the fingerprint scanner to malfunction.

If none of the tricks mentioned above was able to fix Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner not Working issue, then head on to the actual method mentioned below to get rid of this issue.


Follow the steps mentioned below to rescan your fingerprints:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Lock Screen and Security.
  • Click Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Follow the wizard to remove existing Fingerprints and rescan your fingers.
  • Now try unlocking your device with the newly scanned fingerprints.

Hope you liked this article on How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working. I wish you were able to get rid of this super annoying issue. In case of any concerns, feel free to reach out to us via comments. We are always happy to help you. Thanks.


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