Hajime: New Worm for Internet of Things

Hajime: New Worm for the Internet of Things: According to reporters, there is another worm targeting device on the so-called “Internet of Things”. The name of the worm is “Hajime” which in Japanese can mean “Beginning”. This IoT malware showed its first signs of activity in October 2016 and since then it has spread steadily but inexorably. Most of the targets have turned out to be Digital Video Recorders, Webcams and routers, according to Kaspersky Lab.


Hajime was active prior to the release of the Mirai botnet’s source code. It is based on the Bit-Torrent protocol and has no central command-and-control server. It does use the same table of credentials Mirai uses to attempt to assert control over IoT-enabled devices.

Hajime: New Worm for the Internet of Things

It’s like a vaccine than the virus, it doesn’t contain any DDoS capabilities, only code for propagation. The source of infection was primarily found to come from Vietnam (over 20%), Taiwan (almost 13%) and Brazil (around 9%).

It mainly tries to gain access to IoT-enabled devices. It sneaks in, covering its tracks. Then it blocks 4 ports Mirai which is known to attack. It leaves its wake a message:


Just a while hat, securing some systems.

Important messages will be signed like this!

Hajime Author.

Contact CLOSED

Stay sharp! 

Uses brute force attacks on-device password and then takes the number of steps to conceal itself from a compromised victim.

Hajime avoids several networks, including those of the US Department of Defense, General Electric and Hewlett-Packard. There is no attacking code in Hajime, only a propagation module.

“The most intriguing thing about Hajime is its purpose. While the botnet is getting bigger and bigger, its objective remains unknown. We have not seen its traces in any type of attack or additional malicious activity. Nevertheless, we advise owners of IoT devices to change the password of their devices to one that’s difficult to brute force, and to update their firmware if possible,” said Konstantin Zykov, the senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

So its all about Hajime: New Worm for the Internet of Things. In case you have some queries, feel free to reach out to us via comments. We are always happy to help. Thanks. 🙂

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