How to get Spotify Premium: Instant Access to Millions of Songs

How to get Spotify Premium: Spotify is video streaming and podcast service that gives you an instant access to millions of songs from artists all over the globe. This is one of the most popular digital music services all across the globe. There are different variants of Spotify. You can choose anything depending on your convenience. These include:

It is not only available for desktop but also for a range of devices such as:

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Cars
  • Speakers

You can easily switch from one device to another using Spotify Connect.

how to get spotify premium

Apart from these versions, you can either have a free version of Spotify or you can switch to its premium version that will also allow you to download music on your respective device. Both the free and the premium versions allow you to do the following tasks:

  • Browse music that you want to listen.
  • Get the free recommendation from Spotify.
  • Prepare your playlist.
  • Make your own radio station.
  • Check out what your friends listen to.


Now you must be wondering what exactly Spotify Premium offers. Why do I opt for Spotify Premium? What extra benefits am I going to get? All these are completely valid questions and we are right here to answer this questions. Spotify Premium basically offers the following valuable benefits to its premium customers:

  • No advertisements
  • Better sound quality
  • Get Spotify on your mobile
  • Playlists offline mode
  • Unlimited music
  • Take your music abroad

As a premium user, you will get all these advantages over the normal users. If you feel you want these, better go for the premium. Spotify offers a free 30 days trial of Spotify Premium. Follow along if you want to know how to get Spotify Premium.



Well. getting Spotify Premium is as easy as you like. The only thing you need to know is that you will be charged automatically after 30 days until and unless you manually cancel the subscription. So, in this article, we will tell you how to get Spotify Premium and also a method to cancel the subscription so that you are not charged anymore after 30 days. So let us get started.

Are you ready to feel the premium version of Spotify and that too for free? Well, fasten your seatbelts as we are ready to fly to grab Spotify Premium. All you need to do is follow each and step mention below and then you will be good to do with Spotify Premium.

  • Go to and click on Premium link on the top left.

how to get spotify premium

  • Now click on Get Premium button which will take you to the login page.

how to get spotify premium

  • If you already have an account, enter username and password to log in. Otherwise, you can click on Sign Up to create your free account. You can also login using Facebook that will register you automatically if you are not a Spotify user already.

how to get spotify premium

  • Once you successfully log in to Spotify, you will be redirected to a Payment page. Here, you need to enter your card details to checkout.

how to get Spotify premium

  • After a successful checkout, your free trial for 30 days will start. However, please note that you will be charged automatically once the trial ends. If you don’t want to get charged, better cancel the subscription right now. You will still get the free trial so don’t worry.
  • If you are fine with getting charged and want to continue with premium service, no need to do anything. Just enjoy the instant access to millions of songs on Spotify.


If you just want to enjoy the 30 days free trial, better cancel your premium subscription right now. Otherwise, you will be charged a fair amount once the trial expires. Follow the steps given below to cancel Spotify Premium subscription:

  • Login to your Spotify account and go to Account section.
  • Here, on the left menu, click on Subscription. 

how to get spotify premium


  • Find a link to Cancel your Subscription.
  • Select a reason for cancellation and follow the instructions.
  • It will again ask for your credentials. Just enter them and your premium subscription will be cancelled.
  • Now you can easily enjoy the 30 days premium trial without getting charged.

So this was all about Spotify Premium. We hope you liked this article on How to Spotify Premium. Feel free to contact us in case of any doubts. Till then, enjoy the music and 30 days free Spotify premium trial. Cheers.


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