How to Fix Missing DLL msvcp120.dll Error 0xC1

How to Fix Origin Error Missing DLL msvcp120.dll Error 0xC1: There are various games that have reported to encounter this error. Be it the brand new FIFA 18 or supercool game Sims4, many games often come across Origin Error Missing dll msvcp120.dll Error 0xC1. As soon as you launch the game on your system, this error pops up and you can no longer play the game. FIFA 18, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Sims4 and many other games suffer from this error. In this article, we will try to provide few methods to get rid of it.

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In this section, we will be providing few methods to get rid of this error. You can opt for any method as per your convenience.

Missing DLL msvcp120.dll Error 0xC1


Follow the steps mentioned below to repair a game from the Origin:

  • Select My Game Library in the Origin.
  • Now right click on the game tile you want to repair.
  • Choose Repair Game. 
  • This will take some time and your game will be repaired.
  • Try launching the game and check if the error still persists.

METHOD 2: INSTALL vcredist_x86.exe (32 Bit Version)

Even if you are running a 64 Bit Windows, try implementing this step. This has worked for a significant number of users.

  • Go to the Installation location of the Game (e.g: The Sims4/_Installer).
  • Navigate to vc > vc2013 > redist folder (Some folder name may vary slightly).
  • Here install the 32-bit version vcredist_x86.exe.
  • Now Restart your System.
  • Launch the game that was causing the error code and check if the error still persists.

So these were the few methods to fix Missing dll msvcp120.dll 0xC1 Error. Hope you liked this article on How to Fix Origin Error: Missing dll msvcp120.dll 0xC1 Error. If you find yourself in trouble while implementing the methods mentioned above, feel free to reach out to us via comments. We are always happy to help you. Thanks.

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