Pokemon Go GPS Signal not Found

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How to Fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found Error: Pokemon Go is one of the most unique games that is being developed and maintained by Niantic labs. Pokemon is a popular cartoon that has a number of characters, called Pokemon. It is a location-based augmented reality game, available for Android as well as iOS. Pokemon Go was launched in July 2016 and within a span of almost two years, it has gained a lot of stability. However, it still suffers from few glitches.

Earlier, we had talked about Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate ErrorNow, in this article, we will be dealing with another common error, which is, Pokemon Go GPS Signal not Found Error. There can be two causes of Pokemon Go GPS Signal not Found Error:

  • You have turned Off your Location.
  • You are sitting at some indoor location.

If you are also suffering from this error, then no need to worry because we are here to rescue. Just follow the methods given below to get rid of this annoying error and then enjoy Pokemon Go.


Here, we will be presenting two methods to fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal not Found Error. We recommend you to go through the first method. If that doesn’t work for you, try the second method.


Follow the steps given below to Turn ON location on your device:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Privacy option.
  • Here, select Location option.

Pokemon Go GPS Signal not Found


  • Turn ON the location toggle, if not already.

Pokemon Go GPS Signal not Found

  • Also, make sure you have selected High Accuracy option.


  • Once done, try launching Pokemon Go on your device and check if the error still persists.


If the first method was not able to fix the error, take a step outside and hold your phone steady for around half a minute. That can get back things to normal. If you are able to get GPS signal by stepping out, you can come back after some time and enjoy the game at your home as well.

So these were the two methods to fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal not found error. Hope you liked this article on How to fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal not found error. In case of any issues or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via comments or contact us page. We are always happy to help. Thanks.

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