Smartphone Usage may Impact Child’s Behavior: Study

Smartphone Usage may Impact Your Child’s Behavior: Don’t you think we are now much more addicted to smartphones than we were ever before? Don’t you think this is somewhat separating us from our loved ones? We, the youngsters, prefer our expensive smartphones over our beloved parents. We prefer playing games on smartphones rather than enjoying the outdoor sports. Chatting on phone seems to be taking the place of face to face interaction with our friends and families. Smartphone usage has been increased by uncountable numbers and it is still growing rapidly.

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When a 1-year-old baby cries today, the parents give them smartphones to make them watch cartoon video. The babies used to cry 30 years ago as well. Did parents use smartphones at that time? Of course, they didn’t. Why can’t we, as parents, make the babies smile without using smartphones? What’s so hard in that? Why are we making them so used to the smartphones at such an early stage of their lives? I think now is the correct time that we closely and seriously look into this matter before it is too late.

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Due to the extensive smartphone usage, a number of studies are underway trying to quantify the impact of smartphone usage. Recently, one such study was published in the journal Pediatric Research. We will tell you what this study revealed in detail.


The study which was published in the journal Pediatric Research revealed that if you are using smartphones during important family times such as meal, bedtime, and playtime, then it is most likely going to cause a lot to your child’s behaviour. Your children may be more prone to frustration, hyperactivity, whining, sulking or tantrums if you are using a smartphone during important family times.

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The study used the term technoference to describe the everyday interruptions into face to face interactions due to the devices such as smartphones. The researchers at Illinois State University and the University of Michigan in the United States estimated that the parents spend around nine hours per day on average on devices such as TV, tablets and smartphones. As a result of which, they are not giving enough time to shape the emotional well being of their children which results in more hyperactivity and frustration among children.


Jenny S. Radesky from the University of Michigan said, “Children may be more likely to act out over time in response to technoference as opposed to internalise”.

Brandon T. McDaniel from the Illinois State University said, “These results support the idea that relationships between parent technoference and child externalising behaviour are transactional and influence each other over time. In other words, parents who have children with more externalising problems become more stressed, which may lead to their greater withdrawal with technology, which in turn may contribute to more child externalizing problems”.


smartphone usage
Think and act before it’s too late

I think this is the right time we start looking into this issue. A smartphone can never replace a human being. We, as a parent, should not get so much involved in the smartphone that it impacts the social well being of our children. We should try to balance our lives and give proper time to work as well as family. So I request to each and every person reading this article to please give proper time to your children, your friends, your parents and to your grandparents too. This will surely bring a smile to you and your family members. Share this article as much as you can. Cheers.

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